Letters and Phone Calls Are Making A Comeback

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Vera was my paternal grandmother.

She died of lung cancer when my dad was 2 years old. The doctors thought she had tuberculosis, so she stayed in a sanitarium where her children weren’t able to visit her. His sister, my Aunt Mary, was 7; his brother, my Uncle Bob, was 12.

Copied photo of my grandmother Vera, with my dad Paul and Aunt Mary. Taken in 1947.

Grandma Vera’s letters revealed her as a thoughtful, inviting, kind-hearted human.

If I hadn’t known her health situation, I would have never guessed this woman was terminally ill and isolated from her family.

Copied photo — first page of Grandma Vera’s birthday letter to my Aunt Marie. Written in 1947.

Writing brings people together.

It connects us to our loved ones, including our ancestors. I vow to keep writing with pen and paper for my children and grandchildren to read and share.

Words matter.

That’s why handwritten letters will never go out of style. People appreciate them because they are tangible illustrations of someone’s love for us. I kept my first boyfriend’s love letters for nearly 15 years. His words (and frequent doodles) were some of his best gifts for me.

Then there’s the friend I actually call on the phone.

Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

We need to be fully present in a live phone conversation.

I can’t type out and edit, erase and think it over, all that business we do with text messages and emails. It was refreshing, an excellent reminder of my ideal.

People unwilling to meet our needs will eventually fade out of our lives.

I want relationships that fill my cup, that allow me to give in return. A good faith effort toward growth is greatly appreciated.

I had to reevaluate my relationships after that first call with Kyle.

If I stop social media or text messages, who will stay or leave? I took a long, hard look for a minute.

We’re looking for love in all the wrong places.

We sporadically find nice stuff here and there, so we’re convinced that social media is actually the place to connect. But it’s incomplete and habit forming.

Grateful single mama writer with a plethora of passions. Keen observer with an eye for editing. She/her. Let’s connect. michellewarner718@gmail.com

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