How I Get Unstuck

Michelle Marie Warner
5 min readApr 23, 2019
Photo of me on a hike 2019

I’m tired and grumpy today. I ignored my body’s needs and stayed up editing my first post for Medium. It’s something I wrote last year, that I know will resonate with people and it shows my talent for storytelling. I wanted to finally start. It’s great that I took action.

However…The timing was off. If I’m going to create anything of interest, then I need to take care of myself.

Do you ever really want something to happen, but things keep getting in the way? Take writing that perfect article, for example. What is perfect exactly?

Perfection is an illusion.

If I spend all of my time trying to please my readers with what they want, what comes out on the page won’t be enough of who I truly am. What I love most about writing is that I can speak my truth.

I have a choice to allow my talent to flow. I value authenticity; and when I read someone’s true voice, I’m inspired.

I can step into my light anytime I choose.

I want to inspire and enliven you.

I want to be inspired.

I want to light up your life and reach the depths of your desires with my insight and experience.

So, why haven’t I been doing anything about that? Why am I stuck with all these plans without follow-through? What’s stopping me from just writing, so I can practice and show you my true self? What am I afraid of?

I thought of how I get inspired to write at certain times, but can’t always do it. Early morning is not an option at the moment.

As a single parent of two young children, I carve out time during nap and bedtime. That’s partly why I stayed up until 11:30 last night. Why am I so hard on myself about that? It’s what I had available at the time. But I also scrolled on Facebook, and I could do better.

Oh, really? So now I see that I don’t give myself much of a break when it comes to being all in and producing excellent material that I know you’ll all love. I’m busy, doing life. That’s my reality. Can I change at least some of that narrative? Yes, absolutely. How do I restart my self-care clock and step into my magic?

I used to be really good at taking care of myself. I owe that to all the previous years…

Michelle Marie Warner

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