Pay attention to how you feel when someone is attentive and honest with you.

Relationships are valuable resources for spiritual and emotional growth. They show us how to connect more deeply to other humans. They also, if we let them, can teach us much about our own desires.

One problem many of us run into, however, as we search for quality relationships, is we…


Because there’s no time like the present to start writing

Many of us strive to be well-known and well-respected authors like Stephen King. Nowadays, we can write just about anywhere. Online writing platforms make that possible. We don’t have to wait for months for publishers to accept or reject our work. We get immediate results.

But online blogging isn’t the…


Lessons learned from an unfinished life

I only discovered mother was a hoarder after she died. I went shopping and sleuthing in her apartment. Her living space was irony and contradiction.

Cheerful sunflowers lined the walls and window sills, and endless stacks of papers fell out of her coffee table. …

Because relationships are as unique as our fingerprints.

How do you express and best receive love?

We all have unique ways we share love in our intimate relationships. Some of us like showing love through touch, others appreciate gifts or saying it with with words. We’re grateful to spend time together or let our partners help us with everyday tasks.

The Five Love Languages, as described…

Michelle Marie Warner

Grateful single mama writer with a plethora of passions. Keen observer with an eye for editing. She/her. Let’s connect.

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