Pay attention to how you feel when someone is attentive and honest with you.

Relationships are valuable resources for spiritual and emotional growth. They show us how to connect more deeply to other humans. They also, if we let them, can teach us much about our own desires.

One problem many of us run into, however, as we search for quality relationships, is we…


When you know, you know.

If you can read people well, you know if they’re a good fit before you meet or go out on a date. You don’t always know why you know. But you know. And it’s painfully obvious. …

And you start thinking everyone needs one

After many years living in rentals where no pets were allowed, we finally rented a place that had an exception — qualifying emotional support animals (ESA).

An ESA is an animal that supports your mental and emotional health. They can help you without any special training. Their mere presence can…


And when it’s time for an intervention

Facebook is destroying us, and we’re allowing it. I’m not talking about the obvious political implications, though that’s problematic. It’s the insidious social issues we’ve created when we participate in “social” media.

The more we use it, the more we’re convinced we need it for social interactions. The more we…

And your loneliness begins to fade.

Life can be beautiful, when we allow it. There’s limitless love emanating from us. No matter what the question, love is the answer.

So why do we think we don’t have love? …


Because it feels better to share your love with another

My kids go out of town to see their dad every other week for four days. When I drive back home, I think of what I’ll do for myself during that time. …

You’re stronger than you know

It brings me immense joy to hike in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I knew my weekend hike would be magical when I saw a doe and two fawns at the entrance. I felt blessed to catch a glimpse, grateful they trusted humans enough to graze there. …

Because we’ve already found someone who’s our cup of tea.

Dating apps are a popular way to meet people these days. But maybe you don’t have to search that far and wide. You might already know someone who floats your boat without trying.

Sure, there are success stories of people meeting online, falling in love, and being together for a…

Remember you’ve endured worse and ride it out

Yesterday I realized I used to drink over this stuff. I used to drink, snort coke, and smoke weed or meth to escape my feelings. I couldn’t handle a challenging day. I’d try to avoid it entirely.

I grew up near the ocean. Most of my friends surf, but I…

It’s time to let go of what you want and trust you’ll get what you need.

Are you trying too hard to make a connection happen with someone? Do you find yourself wondering when they’ll get back to you? Do you make excuses, like they must be doing blah blah blah, so that’s why they’re unavailable?

Although people lose contact for various reasons, I know when…

Michelle Marie Warner

Grateful single mama writer with a plethora of passions. Keen observer with an eye for editing. She/her. Let’s connect.

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