Pay attention to how you feel when someone is attentive and honest with you.

Relationships are valuable resources for spiritual and emotional growth. They show us how to connect more deeply to other humans. They also, if we let them, can teach us much about our own desires.

One problem many of us run into, however, as we search for quality relationships, is we…


Especially if you’re a straight passing bisexual woman

We make assumptions about each other at first glance. Our appearance sends a message about values, beliefs, and sexual identity. Psychology tells us we judge and define people by their looks — like a woman with a well-defined lesbian haircut.

In our perception of people, and their perceptions of us…


Don’t fall in love, they said — and I did, it anyway

I fall in love with drunks because they’re some of the most interesting humans on the planet. They love fast and deep and hard. I should know since I’m one of them.

Anyone who knows an alcoholic, drunk or sober, you know we’re passionate, talented, and smart. We’re also impulsive…

You recognize the importance of activism at home

Public schools can exceed knowledge-broadening expectations when students have a conscientious, tuned-in teacher. My best teachers went beyond the books and shared about our humanity and the effects of social justice.

They said what the textbooks neglected to say. They used real-life examples and got personal now and then. …

Michelle Marie Warner

Grateful single mama writer with a plethora of passions. Keen observer with an eye for editing. She/her. Let’s connect.

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