And then you remember how it feels to be queer in the US

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If you appear heterosexual, you likely have straight privilege. You don’t have to worry about anyone questioning or judging your sexual orientation. You can walk hand in hand with your girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, or spouse anywhere without a second glance. In most public places, you can kiss your date without a second thought.

Start by being one

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Sharing our life and love with another brings fulfillment and joy.

Attracting a healthy person may be easy for most, but some of us struggle. Past trauma might have caused us to develop a “broken picker” along the way. We end up dating people who aren’t good for us.

Become the ideal partner you’re looking for

You come…

Bi erasure doesn’t feel like privilege

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It’s common to experience bisexual erasure in a heteronormative society. Sometimes it’s as simple as not looking like we’re bi. Although the “B” in LGBTQIA+ stands for bisexual, we don’t always appear to be a part of the community.

Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility is a pervasive problem in which the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality (either in general or in regard to an individual) is questioned or denied outright. —

If we’re in a relationship with someone of the same gender, people make assumptions about our sexuality. A bisexual woman…

Visit them on Linden Ave in Carpinteria, CA

Photo courtesy of Whimsy’s Facebook page

We stumbled upon the sweet Whimsy Antique Shop after my mom, kids, and I enjoyed a short children’s performance on Linden Avenue in Carpinteria, CA.

By introducing you to our wonderful shop, we hope to show you how we actively pursue the antiques lifestyle that embodies our mission statement:

“Whimsy supports green living. Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose. Buy Vintage.” — Whimsy Antiques

Seeing the above statement, I knew…

A glimpse into a day in the life of a work-at-home mom

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Trying to work as a creative writer with young children at home is like juggling kittens. They’re adorable but freak out when we toss them around. It’s impossible to keep them in the air, anyway.

It’s one of many health care services at White Bird Clinic

Photo courtesy of White Bird Clinic website

We have some of the most comprehensive mental health care services in Eugene, Oregon. CAHOOTS is a valuable resource for people facing mental health challenges throughout Lane County. CAHOOTS has been serving the Eugene and Springfield community for over 30 years.

CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) provides mobile crisis intervention 24/7 in the Eugene-Springfield…

Because paying it forward feels good and builds community

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July 15th is National Give Something Away Day, founded by Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher. She created the holiday to remind us of the profound power of giving. Not only does giving feel good inside, but we also build community and clear our space of what can become unnecessary clutter.

National Give Something Away Day began as a grassroots effort by Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher, who sees herself as a giver. She established the day to encourage generosity in all forms. Hall-Fulcher founded this holiday in 2015, submitting the holiday to the Registrar at National Day Calendar…

Be proactive — the earlier, the better

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Are you going to be a distracted Jackson or a Focused Frida today? I think I should post that up on my nightstand. Living with an ADHD brain can make a day go sideways if we let it. We need to reduce distractions so we can be successful in our endeavors.

Ditch the distraction, Jackson

We live in a society rife with distractions to match our every whim. Want to avoid your feelings? Here’s an entertaining show, so you don’t have to face them. Need to commit to a project? Wait, check out this YouTube video first. It’s guaranteed to boost your creativity. Have…


It’s a lot like mourning a dead person

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Some people make quite an impact on our lives. We meet, friendship forms, sparks fly, minds meld. Hearts soar, then subsequently break. These extraordinary life alterers often show up to teach us valuable lessons. But we often forget, because they left.


Enjoy outdoor seating while you dine on delicious Lebanese food

Image of Zaytoon Restaurant’s outdoor patio— Photo courtesy of Zaytoon website, Santa Barbara, CA, 2021

We recently ate at Zaytoon restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. It had been many years, possibly over a decade, since I’d last dined there. Here’s their introduction:

A Lebanese restaurant serving fresh and high quality dishes. Our hidden oasis is situated on a large outdoor garden patio in downtown Santa Barbara. Established in 2005, we are proud to have hosted many special memories. —

They have divine Middle Eastern cuisine and a talented chef offering a creative menu. It was the best meal I’ve had out in a long time.

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