Start by being one

Photo by vanessapla on Pixabay

Sharing our life and love with another brings fulfillment and joy.

Become the ideal partner you’re looking for

Volunteers in Eugene, Oregon, offer free food and other services to those in need

Photo courtesy of Burrito Brigade’s Facebook page — Eugene, OR, September 2019

Explore Mother Nature for fun and for free in Eugene, Oregon

Photo by author — Wild Iris Ridge hiking trail, 2018, Eugene, OR

Discover a hidden gem, nestled between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles

Photo by author — view from the Bluffs in Carpinteria, CA, July 2019

We only find serenity when we let go of what we can’t change

Photo by Nambasi on Pixabay

And help foster resilience in teens

Photo by miaikransen on Pixabay

Expressing gratitude changed my life and helped a few teenagers

“Hitting bottom” can motivate you to change your direction

Photo by kurtdeiner on Pixabay

You’re not powerless.

And when to know they’re playing a game of chase

Photo by juanmejia on Pixabay

And a partner would fix that

Photo by contato1034 on Pixabay

And you see more than meets the eye

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Michelle Marie Warner

Grateful single mama writer with a plethora of passions. Keen observer with an eye for editing. She/her. Let’s connect.

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