And then you remember how it feels to be queer in the US

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If you appear heterosexual, you likely have You don’t have to worry about anyone questioning or judging your sexual orientation. You can walk hand in hand with your girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, or spouse anywhere without a second glance. In most public places, you can kiss your date without a second thought.

I’m a proud member of the community, but you might not have guessed. People can make assumptions because I write a lot about my past relationships with men, and most of my exes are men. …

Start by being one

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Sharing our life and love with another brings fulfillment and joy.

Attracting a healthy person may be easy for most, but some of us struggle. Past trauma might have caused us to develop a “broken picker” along the way. We end up dating people who aren’t good for us.

I’ve consistently chosen potential mates who are unavailable, due to addiction or attachment issues. I’ve known this, yet I still attract partners who are emotionally unavailable to me.

How do we break our old patterns and find someone healthy? I pay attention to friends and family who have successful long-term relationships. I’ve noticed a few things that keep them together.

Become the ideal partner you’re looking for

You come…

Even when you feel like a hot mess

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Most of us are carrying around unhealed emotional wounds. We neglect to address them because it’s easier to stay busy in the short term. If we schedule solitude and reflection time, it’s on the bottom of our to-do list. Why would you want to look at your deep-seated issues? Most of us try to avoid that kind of work.

We live in a society encouraging us to get things done. We’re taught to accomplish goals with hard work. We’re using our devices to connect with others, and we’re rarely offline. …

When you know, you know.

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If you can read people well, you know if they’re a good fit before you meet or go out on a date. You don’t always know why you know. But you know. And it’s painfully obvious. You can try to make them into someone else, but it won’t last for long.

If you’re paying attention to your intuition, it’s impossible to ignore your incompatibilities or lack of chemistry. You can also sense when they’re trouble. It sucks sometimes, but you can weed people out if you accurately read them.

Some of us are so highly skilled in the art of…

We’ve got chemistry, baby

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At first I didn’t notice
what transpired when we met
and if we’d known then what we know now
I’d be willing to bet
we’d be making love by Friday
and by Monday share a secret grin

It’s the chemistry that keeps us in the groove
and we don’t have to try at all
infusing passion into every move
and into each other we fall

We can be a thousand miles away
and still feel it like an ocean swell
so let’s succumb to pleasure
and surf that sexy wave

Meeting other men is like knowing Heaven
but choosing to be…

And you can do it for free every day

Photo by author — the beautiful canopy above me at Spencer Butte trail, August 31st, 2021

If you’re feeling a little stressed, sad, or off-balance, you’re not alone. We’re experiencing societal upheaval in our local communities and globally. Everything is uncertain. Many of us are questioning our sense of “normalcy.” We’re on our screens more than ever. Socializing is more virtual than having an in-person interaction.

Some of us are finally addressing the elephant in the room — that we don’t need to try to be normal anymore. We need to ditch our old status quo. We’re hitting bottom. …

Especially when it begins with a kiss.

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You said it was a bad idea. I wholeheartedly disagree, meaning my whole heart says otherwise. There are no bad ideas, only opportunities.

Why would you think it was a bad idea to hold each other close and share an intimate moment? I have ideas, too, you know. I believe it was the best idea we’ve had all year. There’s nothing wrong with consensual touch between friends who care for each other. I have a few other ideas we could explore, involving our bare skin and more of our tongues inside each other’s mouths.

You gave me a small taste…

And see galaxies in your eyes

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I want to see your eyes probing, lingering, longing to merge with my soul
I want to return your gaze, reflecting the love that makes us whole

I want to feel your breath tickling as you kiss my neck and nibble my earlobe
I want to hear you whispering secrets there, the ones only we know

I want you to lean into my love, staying in the sacred space we hold there
I want you to stay nestled inside my heart, even when you’re scared

I want to sweat against your bare skin, gripping your chest as passions swell
I want…


And you think of what it would be like with a partner

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Single parents are more challenged than ever to maintain balance at home and work. We struggle with trying to do everything, then feel hopeless when we can’t. Guess what? It’s ok if you can’t do everything. It’s also ok if you’d prefer to have another person there to do this deal with you.

According to an article in , single parenthood has “increased significantly over the last seven decades.”

As of 2020, approximately 18,600 parents have no partner present. Any parent can tell you that it’s hard enough to raise a kid when you have a partner around to help…

And notice how you own your power by changing your words

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Things don’t just happen to us. We have the power to make them happen. It’s advantageous to use an active voice for self-empowerment and fostering healthy relationships.

If you want something, don’t “let it happen.” Tell someone you want it. Own your power with your words.

The woman in the above photo didn’t end up on top of the car. She laced up her boxing gloves and climbed on top. She looks like she’s about to kick some ass. Her actions communicate confidence.

If she got into the boxing ring, would she beat someone up, or would they “get beat…

Michelle Marie Warner

Grateful single mama writer with a plethora of passions. Keen observer with an eye for editing. She/her. Let’s connect.

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